About Us

Our Story

Petite Flea is the ‘baby’ of good friends Gemma & Sharon. Brought to life by two hands-on mothers, we have a passion for unique handmade or boutique children’s and maternity brands, as-well as anything pre-loved of premium quality we can recycle.

As busy parents to tots Seb & Ella, we are all too aware of the expense of preparing for a new-born and the continuing cost of raising a family. And who ever said that “growing up is never easy”? If you have children, you know all too well that they don’t stay little for long! So as the years fly by, you accumulate a mountain of clothes, buggies, toys and books etc.. – most, nearly new. Not to mention the second set of everything at Granny and Grandad’s house!

We knew we could have bought a lot of our essentials second hand but were put off by the idea of buying something on line, which might not be in ‘quite’ as good condition as the advert promised. And then there’s the hassle of sending things back, and who has the time for that?! So, we decided to create a family friendly marketplace for mums (and the odd dad too) to sell their pre-loved items to other parents and mums to be. A marketplace, unlike on-line buying, where you can see and feel the items first hand, before deciding to buy.

And whilst we love a good bargain and the opportunity to recycle something, we are also huge fans of unique, lovingly made or locally sourced products and brands. Something out of the ordinary, and something you won’t find en mass. That’s why we also invite small local businesses to showcase their maternity, baby and children’s products and services.


Who are we?

A pair of mums who first met at their local NCT antenatal classes. United through motherhood (and tea and biscuits of course!) began to realise that going back to work in our existing careers wasn’t going to be as easy as once thought. Our world had changed, and we wanted more freedom to balance work and family life, and so started to think about options that would work around our little ones.



Mum to Ella and step-mum to Henry and Lily, life is like a whirlwind for this working mum! With over 10 years’ experience in Marketing and Communications within the Retirement Property industry, working with parents and small businesses selling children’s products couldn’t be further from my daily reality. My background has been heavily focused on event and communications management and as a freelance wedding planner I have planned, managed and delivered many events –creating unique customer experiences that people remember, every time.

After having children myself, and feeling overwhelmed by the cost, and uninspired by the products, I spent most of my maternity leave searching the internet for anything with a touch of unique coolness! And keen to reduce my spending I soon developed what some may call an “ebay habit”. Intent on picking up a bargain, I bought second hand items in either excellent condition or in need of upcycling. And that’s why I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon than trawling a local quality children’s market – so why not join me?


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Mum to Sebastian, and mother of all shoppers, I have made a career out of supplying tea and cake! I have over 10 years’ experience in  Account Management for some of the UK’s top confectioners and hot drinks merchants. So I know sales, and most importantly, I get people. That’s why I have a wealth of knowledge, hints and tips on how to maximise your selling potential that I would love to share with you.

I am a big fan of brands driven by great customer service and who deliver quality, well-made products. I would rather pay that little bit extra for something that I know will last. Something that in a year or two’s time will still be functional and look as good as it did new. The type of product that is too good to throw away, that you know another mummy would appreciate – from one mum to another…with a little added love!