The Benefits of a Good ‘Declutter’

In case you didn’t know, the minimalist lifestyle is ‘in’.  Perfectly arranged capsule wardrobes and clutter free living areas, are what we should be aspiring to.

Oh wait….you’ve got kids.

Not only do children come with an obscene amount of ‘stuff’,  they are the ultimate hoarders. Have you ever tried to give away a toy your child hasn’t played with for years, only for them to realise and declare it ‘their favourite thing ever.’  Branding  you the meanest mum in the world for trying to part them from it?

On top of this, kids’ stuff is BIG. High chairs, walkers, jumparoos, play gyms, buggies etc. It’s little wonder that our homes may resemble a soft play centre sometimes.

It might feel like a luxury to spend time sorting through wardrobes and drawers and clearing out the toy box but believe me, it feels good!

As well as the smug feeling you get from being the proud (if temporary) owner of a clutter free home, there are a number of practical reasons to make a regular declutter part of your routine.

1/Make some Cash! Nearly new sales are the perfect way to turn that clutter into cash. Kids are expensive and parents welcome the opportunity to save money by buying from another local parent. You will be amazed how much stuff you can sell! (selling at pre-loved sales can also become a bit addictive)

2/Less to tidy Cleaning becomes a whole lot easier when you have less to pick up and put away first

3/Things are more likely to be recycled. Passing things on while they are still in good condition means they are less likely to end up getting binned. Much better for someone else to be using something, rather than have it sat in a loft for 2 years going a bit ‘foisty’ before you finally throw it away!

4/ Help those less fortunate. Charity shops will be happy to take unwanted items, in good condition, off your hands. Leeds Baby Bank are always in need of cots, cot beds, baby bedding, buggies and the such ( Or, why not donate some toys to your local children’s’ ward, GP surgery or a toy swap scheme, such as the one set up by West Leeds Mumbler!

5/ Remove trip hazards. Less clutter equals less to fall over. Because let’s face it, kids are clumsy enough.

6/Streamlining toys means kids are more likely to actually play with them. It’s easy to be overfaced by mountains of toys. Make it easy for your little ones to find the ones they love and create room to play creatively with them, by removing outgrown toys from the pile.

7/ And finally…..What better reason than to make room for the influx of MORE STUFF you know is coming every birthday, Christmas and change of season!