New Baby On A Budget?

You’ve passed the 20 week mark. You more likely than not, know whether you’re expecting a boy or girl.  (If you haven’t found out….don’t. I promise the excitement of not knowing will get you through the final stages) You’re probably now busy researching the pros and cons of every travel system going and carefully reading … Continued


The Benefits of a Good ‘Declutter’

In case you didn’t know, the minimalist lifestyle is ‘in’.  Perfectly arranged capsule wardrobes and clutter free living areas, are what we should be aspiring to. Oh wait….you’ve got kids. Not only do children come with an obscene amount of ‘stuff’,  they are the ultimate hoarders. Have you ever tried to give away a toy … Continued

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Setting Up the Perfect Stall – A Sellers Guide

Selling Isn’t Scary Do you want to come and sell at one of our nearly new markets but don’t know how to do it? Worried it would take too long to get everything ready, don’t know how to price things up, or  simply a bit scared of selling to people?. DON’T BE PUT OFF by any … Continued


10 reasons to choose Petite Flea Baby & Children’s Markets

While there are other pre-loved baby & children’s markets, we are a little bit different. Here are 10 reasons why…. 1. Our venues. We only hold our events in modern, family friendly hotels, with great facilities. Need to change your baby’s nappy? No problem. Fancy a drink in the bar afterwards? Be our guest. No … Continued

Stressed businesswoman in the office

Superwoman or just plain crazy? The realities of launching a business while on maternity leave?

Its been 6 months since the ‘birth’ of Petite Flea and 4 months since the birth of Baby Tabitha. Was I crazy to launch a business and bring a new tiny human into the world at the same time? It’s been a whirlwind of a few months but now I’m back in the land of the living … Continued

Mini First Aid logo

Essential first aid for babies & children – Can you afford NOT to know it?

Last night I did something I have been meaning to do for 3 years.  Something that only took 2 hours but could save my children’s lives… When my friend offered to host a baby & children’s first aid course at her house, I jumped at the chance.  While I am an expert at applying sticky … Continued

Bad Moms, Movie

Why you need a mums night out? WIN tickets to see Bad Moms

Bad Moms? We wouldn’t trade our kids for anything or anyone? …. Would we???   Once in a while “moms”, mums and mummy’s just need a night off from baby food, baths, and bedtime stories! That doesn’t make us bad moms, right? No, we believe you deserve that all important, sanity saving, mom’s night out. Woop … Continued

Northern Bloc Ice Cream, Petite Fleas taste tes

Northern Bloc Scoops 10 in Petite Flea’s Taste Test

Northern Bloc Ice Cream or Not to Scream The kids are climbing the wall? All you can hear is constant bickering? And it feels like ground hog day every time you come to tidy up?! Feels all too familiar? Well don’t despair, Northern Bloc Ice Cream have a sweet treat on hand to make your … Continued


Prosecco Playdate Anyone?

If there’s one thing I love more than getting together with my ‘mummy friends’ it’s getting together with a bottle of the good stuff. Prosecco that is – Champagne is so 2005. And as much as we love a cold Sauvignon Blanc, it’s a bit Friday every night in front of the telly. Whether it’s … Continued

Rainbow Factory - Petite Fleas op 5 days out with kids in Yorkshire

Sanity Saver Days Out in the School Holidays

Looking for a list of the top 5 days out with kids in Yorkshire? Summer school holidays are here. While everyone looks forward to the holidays – spending quality time with your little ones, the reality can be far from idyllic. It can often feel like a war zone, 6 long weeks of screaming, head banging and hostage negotiations … Continued