Northern Bloc Ice Cream, Petite Fleas taste tes

Northern Bloc Scoops 10 in Petite Flea’s Taste Test

Northern Bloc Ice Cream, Petite FleaNorthern Bloc Ice Cream or Not to Scream

The kids are climbing the wall? All you can hear is constant bickering? And it feels like ground hog day every time you come to tidy up?!

Feels all too familiar? Well don’t despair, Northern Bloc Ice Cream have a sweet treat on hand to make your little ones happy! And give you that much needed 5 minutes quiet time. So who’s for ice cream?

The Northern Bloc Way

Northern Bloc is one of those amazing local ice cream stories that just make us want to smile. They create great tasting ice cream that is natural and free from artificial ingredients. They pay homage to the traditional flavours whilst adding a modern twist, but always staying true to the principle of using only the best natural ingredients.

And our very own Petite Flea’s tell us what they think of Northern Bloc Ice Cream.

Seb & Ella’s Ice Cream Flavour tasting notes:Northern Bloc Ice Cream, Petite Flea tast review

White chocolate and popcorn – Deeelicious

Black treacle – It’s a Tennn

Strawberry and black pepper – It’s yummy cake

Bourbon vanilla – Vanilla pooey!!

Raspberry and sorrel sorbet – Another Tenn ….

And it seems the best thing about Northern Bloc Ice Cream (apart from being delicious) is that you can build a tower with it!

Tell us your favourite ice cream flavour and why?

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