Prosecco Playdate Anyone?

If there’s one thing I love more than getting together with my ‘mummy friends’ it’s getting together with a bottle of the good stuff. Prosecco that is – Champagne is so 2005. And as much as we love a cold Sauvignon Blanc, it’s a bit Friday every night in front of the telly. Whether it’s enjoying a bottle of fizz on a mummy night out or getting together for a Prosecco Playdate. You can’t beat a cold bottle of Prosecco. That’s why today of all days on National Prosecco Day, we couldn’t resist writing this weeks blog on our love for all things Prosecco!

ProseccoWhy Prosecco?

It’s just so….delicious, celebratory, bubbly, drinkable…I could go on. I guess the real reason is, it’s a sociable drink. Out for dinner with the girls and still waiting for a few of them to turn up? No problem, order a bottle of Prosecco and you know they will be more than happy to share your choice of drink when they show. In fact, nothing will make them happier. After the hell of trying to get ready for a night out with young children at home. And a husband who looks like a startled rabbit at the prospect of having to do bedtime on his own. Then a glass of cold fizz waiting for them on the table is just what’s needed. It creates that much needed juxtaposition between elegant, sophisticated grown up and carefree party girl, -that is so desperately needed on a mum’s night out!

Prosecco Playdate

I first realised that the friends I bought (ahem *met) on my NCT course would be friends for life, when we discovered our mutual love for daytime Prosecco drinking. No one wanted to be the first to be the ‘bad mother’ and order an alcoholic drink at lunch out with our squishy newborns. But someone pulled that trigger and the rest of us happily followed….and we’ve never looked back! Happy mummy, happy baby right? (I feel I should point out that no point were we drunk in charge of small children).

original_too-much-tea-in-my-prosecco-mug-roundelTea anyone?…. No thanks!

Prosecco Playdates – there is now a thing! You can read all about the rise of the Prosecco Playdate in the Telegragh. A term used to describe the growing number of middle class women hitting the bottle, in place of the traditional cup of tea, while their toddlers happily play. And now that the term Prosecco Playdate has been officially coined.  …..we feel totally justified!

Bottoms up ladies!

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