Rainbow Factory - Petite Fleas op 5 days out with kids in Yorkshire

Sanity Saver Days Out in the School Holidays

Rainbow Factory - Petite Fleas op 5 days out with kids in Yorkshire

Looking for a list of the top 5 days out with kids in Yorkshire?

Summer school holidays are here. While everyone looks forward to the holidays – spending quality time with your little ones, the reality can be far from idyllic. It can often feel like a war zone, 6 long weeks of screaming, head banging and hostage negotiations – wishing you could transport back to that perfect Greek Island holiday – the one before the kids!

So make sure you have an entertainment plan to help maintain your sanity. Happy mums mean happy kids….. Right? Well, you have to remain optimistic!! The key is remembering to employ the distraction technique. Keep them busy and provide them with the resources to entertain themselves.

I could go on to fill this blog with hints and tips on how to entertain your children on a budget in the school holidays – but there are many blogs out there that can tell you the same. Instead, if you’re looking for inspiration for new places to go, days out, and things to do, we thought we would compile a list of Petite Flea’s top 5 days out with kids in Yorkshire. You’ll be amazed how much there is to do, whatever the weather!

Rainbow Factory - Petite Fleas op 5 days out with kids in Yorkshire

The Rainbow FactoryCome rain or shine

As mums we know how difficult it is to find activities that inspire and awaken the imagination of our 2-year-olds. As much as our children enjoy bounding around soft play it isn’t an activity that enriches their intellectual and creative development. Having visited the Rainbow Factory a handful of times we are huge fans of their “vision”. To create a unique storytelling wonderland, an attraction that merges storytelling with imaginative and creative play.

We are excited to watch our little ones get lost in the magic of fairy tales and literature as we visit for years to come. Secretly we love our visits too, being transported back to my childhood leaves me with the fondest of memories! And with a family ticket with admission for 2 adults and 2 children at only £22, it really is money well spent. That’s why The Rainbow Factory features in Petite Flea’s top 5 days out with kids in Yorkshire.

Billy-Bob’s Ice Cream Parlour Parlour, diner, play

Just a short ride from Bolton Abbey, it has great ice cream, a 50’s style American Diner & 3 different play areas. Billy-Bob’s Ice Cream Parlour just keeps on expanding along with its popularity.

Famous for its Yorkshire Dales Ice cream there’s near about 30 or so different flavours on offer. There are staples like Vanilla and Mint Choc Chip, or why not pick from something a little more adventurous like Key Lime Pie or Cotton Candy.

The American Diner features a life size yellow school bus for children’s parties, serving delicious good ole fashioned American grub. And with a host of vintage memorabilia and the obligatory retro duke box in the corner it’s a real treat for the whole family.

However does a trip to an Ice Cream Parlour qualify as a day out though? You bet you! There are some pretty fantastic wooden structures to play on outside and the undercover play barn is split into two sections. One for over 7’s and the other for under 7’s. 

The playground is free when eating at the diner. And the play barn costs £1 per child. I think this is a great place to take the family when you have an age gap between kids. This place always makes a great coupling with Hesketh Farm Park as a truly wonderful day out. That’s why Billy-Bob’s Ice Cream Parlour features in Petite Flea’s top 5 days out with kids in Yorkshire.

The Royal Armourieswhen playing outside just isn’t an option

The Royal Armouries in Leeds is a great place to visit with a family. Especially when playing outside isn’t an option. With plenty of space and five galleries across five floors you can easily spend a whole day loosing yourself to times gone by. Or losing the kids if you’re not careful!  

The galleries include: War, Tournament, Oriental, Self-defence, and Hunting. The museum has lots of exhibits, so much so that it’s impossible to stop and read everything. The stage re-enactments and interactive things for the kids to touch and manipulate break the experience up nicely though.  

Because of the sheer scale of exhibitions you may find that little ones can become restless. If they do head to the Jester’s Yard, a play area for under 10’s in the museum.  Entry is £2.50 per child and there is a great selection of dress up clothes, a small play castle, pretend play areas, a small soft play for under 3’s and a craft station.  

Entry to the museum is free but there is a charge for parking. That’s why The Royal Armouries features in Petite Flea’s top 5 days out with kids in Yorkshire.

Hesketh Farm Park - Petite Fleas op 5 days out with kids in Yorkshire

Hesketh Farm Park – Pigs, lambs, donkeys and more

Our favourite Farm Park in the heart of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales! What a great place, especially for the little ones, where there’s a good mix between educational activities and areas where they can simply run off steam. Always makes for a peaceful car journey home!

Our toddlers really enjoy the hands on experience which sets Hesketh Farm Park apart from the rest. They love handling the guinea pigs and rabbits, brushing the noisy pigs, and feeding the hungry lambs and calves. But just beware of those naughty ducks – they are partial to a jammy sandwich or two!

Hesketh Farm Park - Petite Fleas op 5 days out with kids in Yorkshire

Whatever the weather Hesketh has great play facilities. Outside is remarkably well kept with a large play area, ride on diggers, pedal bikes, John Deere tractors and plenty of space for families to spread out and enjoy lunch. Just remember the giant tortoises are not part of the ride on experience but enjoy being fed a juicy pear in the sunshine.

Indoors there is a great undercover play and picnic barn with a sand pit and other play equipment and ride on activities. We must have spent hours chasing and playing hide and seek in a maze made of hay bales.

A small and very reasonably priced café caters for customers and there are plenty of picnic table around the site. They actually encourage customers to bring a picnic, the only request is that you take all of your rubbish home with you. Not unreasonable!

We paid a little over £5.00 per person entrance fee and that represents brilliant value for money in our opinion. And an added bonus is there is no additional charge to park at the farm. That’s why Hesketh Farm Park features in Petite Flea’s top 5 days out with kids in Yorkshire.

Grasshoppers at Tong Garden CentreHop along and share the sunshine

Tong Garden Centre, so much more besides a place to pick up pansies and compost. At the back of the main garden centre, you’ll find Grasshoppers, a large outdoor adventure playground for children, both big and small!

With a number of large bouncy pillows, extensive playground and a huge sand pit and water play station, it’s a great place to let the kids just run wild! There is a specific area for the under 2’s with play houses, ride-on’s and pre-school play equipment.

For the older ones there is an adventure play zone with a zip wire and a spider cage climbing frame. And not to mention the coin operated electric ride on’s that transport me back to childhood memories of days out in the summer holidays with my grandad. 

What a wonderful day out when the weather is kind. And when the sun is shining, and the sand is warm between your toes it’s just like being at the seaside – just short of a few donkeys hey! No, wait a minute… you can even ride a donkey or two if you visit in the summer holidays on a Tuesday or Friday.

All in all, this a great value for money family day out at £3.50 per child and adults go free. And a browse around the well-kept garden centre means it’s an ideal venue for a multi-generational day out. That’s why Grasshoppers at Tong Garden Centre features in Petite Flea’s top 5 days out with kids in Yorkshire.

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