Sellers FAQs

How big is my stall?

This is entirely up to you. We offer a number of options, with varying levels of table space and floor space. Please choose the market you are interested in and click on ‘Book a Stall’ to see the options.

Tables are 6ft x 2ft trestle tables and floorspace is available to book as 3ft or 6ft spaces. As a rule, 3ft of floorspace is enough to fit a either a clothes rail, pram/buggy, or a larger item like a cot (dismantled)


What’s included in the cost of my stall?

Tables and floorspace as chosen by you at time of booking

Storage space underneath your table

1 x white tablecloth per table booked

1 or 2 chairs if requested

An extensive marketing campaign ahead of the event

Comprehensive selling tips and advice from us in the run up to the event

Support staff on the day (we’ll even give you help to make your stall look as good as possible)

Public liability insurance (unless you are a business, in which case you will need your own)

Clothes rails are available to hire from us if required. These are standard sized rails 84cm wide and height adjustable.  We do not supply hangers with the rail hire.  Most people find it convenient to bring clothes to the sale already on hangers.


How much is a stall?

This depends on how much space you want to book. 1 table starts from just £12. Please choose the market you are interested in and click on Book a Stall to see the different options.


How do I book a stall?

The best way to book is through the website, however if you are not able to do this, please call us on 07812 167553 and we will happily take your booking, or answer any questions over the phone.

To book online, please select your chosen market and click on ‘Book a Stall’

You don’t need a paypal account you can choose to pay by a variety of cards at the checkout stage if you prefer. All transactions are securely processed.


Do I have to pay commission on what I sell?

Absolutely not. You keep 100% of whatever you make on the day.


Do I need to bring a tablecloth?

No, unlike traditional table top sales, we provide these in order to aid with presentation of your stall.


Can you advise me on how to best set out my stall?

We’d love to! We will send you a comprehensive guide around 2 weeks prior to the event but we will be more than happy on the day to offer advice and tips on pricing and presentation. We are always available to answer any questions you may have via email or phone ahead of the event.


What do I need to bring with me on the day?

A cashbox and plenty of change!

Some bags to put your sold items in. Supermarket carrier bags will do.

If you are selling clothes, it’s a good idea to bring a clothes rail and some hangers. We have them available to hire if you wish.

Plastic storage boxes/ baskets. You may wish to fill these with books, toys or clothes and label the box ‘all items inside £1’, for example

Pricing labels. Items are much more attractive when shoppers can clearly see the price.


Will there be food & drink available to buy

Yes. There will always be some kind of refreshments available. This will vary by venue but as a minimum, there will always be sandwiches, crisps, drinks etc


Can I share a stall with a friend?

No problem. Just make sure you have booked enough space to accommodate all of your stuff!


How long do I have to set up before the event?

Doors will open to sellers 1 hour before we open to the public. Please use this hour to make your stall look as presentable as possible. The best sellers on the day are always the ones with the most well-presented tables. This doesn’t mean cramming as much as possible onto your table at once!


What can I sell on my stall?

On a Pre-loved stall, you can sell any used maternity, baby or children’s items, suitable from birth to age 6. All items must be secondhand and in good condition.

On a Craft stall, you can sell family focussed goods you have made yourself at home.

On a Business stall, you can promote family focussed services or sell family focussed goods that are mass produced


Can I sell second hand car seats?

Yes, you can and there is a small market for them.

However, as it is not recommended to use a secondhand car seat it is not something that you are likely to fetch more than around £20 for. Car seats are now available to buy new for not much more than this.


If I have to cancel, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide refunds, however where possible we will try to move your booking to an alternative market date. In the unlikely event we are forced to cancel an event , you will of course receive a full refund.


Can I have some flyers to hand out at my child’s school/nursery etc?

Of course! Just let us know and we will happily send you some flyers/posters to put out.