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Setting Up the Perfect Stall – A Sellers Guide

Selling Isn’t Scary

Do you want to come and sell at one of our nearly new markets but don’t know how to do it?

Worried it would take too long to get everything ready, don’t know how to price things up, or  simply a bit scared of selling to people?.

DON’T BE PUT OFF by any of this! It really is a very easy and actually enjoyable process. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing that pile of clutter turned into cold, hard cash!

I recently prepared a stall for my husband to man at one of our events. It took me around 4 hours to get it all ready and he took £165 on the day. Not bad for 2 hours selling! Here is my step by step method for preparing the perfect stall;stall blog3

Book Your Stall

Think about what you want to sell and how much space you need. Our tables are generally 6ft x 2ft 6in, so you can fit a lot on them. However, if you have larger items, such as a buggy, jumparoo, walker, highchair etc, you will also need some floorspace at the side. You will also require floorspace if you are planning to use a hanging rail for clothes. The most common size stall is 1 x table plus 3ft floorspace. This arrangement is £14. Book your stall here

Start With The Clothes

Organise clothes first, as you will need to wash these if they are not clean, or have been in storage for a while. I had bags and BAGS full of clothes. Create 3 piles. SELL, KEEP (sentimental items to be turned into a keepsake toy or blanket) or BIN. Chuck anything that is stained or damaged, as these are unlikely to sell.

If like me you have too many clothes to fit on one table, save the non-seasonally appropriate stuff for another sale. I.e. don’t try and sell thick winter coats in the middle of summer.

Sort your clean clothes into 2 groups. The first is for things like vests, babygros, sleepsuits, T shirts etc…. the basics. Display these in plastic containers or boxes on the table. Put all items of the same size together, so it’s easy for shoppers to find what they are looking for. The second group, is what I considered the ‘nicer’ clothes. Jackets, dresses, shirts, sets etc. Put these on hangers and display on a hanging rail. You can hire a rail from us if you require one. Use the right age hanger, or put a sticker on the hanger with the correct age. It saves people pulling your stand apart trying to find out what size something is!!

It’s worth taking a bit of time to make sure the items on hangers are ironed and well presented. They are much more likely to sell and you will get more for them.

Bundle, Bundle, Bundle!stall blog6

Group together similar items and charge a price for the whole lot. For example, if you have 5 vests age 0-3months, put them in a clear plastic bag, or tie them together and charge one price for the bundle. An effective way
of doing this is to tie them together with a piece of string and attach a luggage label with bundle contents and price (see

Check You Have Booked Enough Space

Get together everything else and make sure it is all clean and in good working order. It’s a good idea to take some batteries so you can show that electrical toys work as they should. Large items should be disassembled if possible to save space. If you still have the original packaging, great! If not, don’t worry, you can attach a photo of how the item looks when it is assembled.

Once you have got everything you want to sell together, check the space you have booked is big enough! Mark out the space on the floor and check everything fits. You can put things underneath your table but not in front of it for health and safety reasons. Contact us if you think you need more space and we will add an extra table or additional floorspace if possible. The stalls that are not overcrowded sell more than those which are crammed full to bursting!

Pricing Is Key

Don’t have unrealistic expectations. People generally expect to pay around 25-30% of original value, less for clothes. Make sure everything has a price (a simple sticky label is great for this) but be prepared for people to try to haggle. You don’t have to accept a lower offer of course but it can be the difference between selling something and not.

Clothes don’t all need to be priced individually. If you have a box of babygros for example, you can just label the box ‘£1 each or 3 for £2’. This strategy also works well for vests, t shirts, sleeping bags and pyjamas/night dresses.stall blog4

Setting Up On The Day

Arrive 1 hour before the sale starts, to give you enough time to set up your stall. Tables and tablecloths are always provided, so you need bring nothing except your goods and a rail if you are using your own. A well presented stall attracts lots more interest than one that is messy and over filled. If your table is full, leave some things in the car and replenish as space becomes available. Make your table stand out by creating some height. Use upturned boxes to create ‘shelves’.

Above all, enjoy it! Speak to people. Everyone is a potential customer. Don’t sit behind your table on your mobile phone and expect things to sell themselves. Tell shoppers about your items. Tell them how much your little one loved this toy or that book and how you could never have got through pregnancy without that pillow!!

We are always here for additional help and advice, so don’t be afraid to ask!