Top Tips For Sellers

  1. Don’t overcrowd your table. Book enough space to display your items clearly, ensuring every item can be seen by passers by. You don’t have to put everything out at once.
  2. Dismantle larger items, as they will take up too much space, making it difficult for people to get to your table. We recommend taking a photo of the item fully assembled and attaching it to the box/packaging.
  3. Ensure everything is clean and well presented. Make sure clothes are washed and pressed and toys are clean and in good working order, especially if batteries are required.
  4. Use a hanging rail to display clothing. You can hire these from us and they really do make a difference. Sort items by gender, size, season etc, to make browsing easy and keep your stall nice and tidy. You will need 3ft of floor space to accommodate a hanging rail, so ensure you book this option.
  5. Put price tags on everything. As a guide, a good starting point for high street items is around 30% of original value, designer items can sell for more. Bundling items together works well, for example a box of books could be labelled ‘£1 each’ or ‘2 for £1.50’. Be prepared to negotiate around pricing.
  6. Be flexible with your pricing as the market progresses. If you don’t want to take items home with you again, you may need to be prepared to lower your prices towards the end of the sale.
  7. Bring a cash float and some carrier bags. You need to be able to provide people with the right change. They could be paying for a £1 item with a £20 note.Bring a calculator if you are not comfortable working out change.
  8. Have fun! Shoppers will be attracted to your stall if you are smiling, and interacting with customers. Leave your mobile phone in your pocket and talk to people walking by your stand.
  9. Provide us with feedback. We can only fix issues if we know about them. Similarly, if you have a great experience with Petite Flea, please let your friends know!